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Chochołowskie Termy is a place where you can find something for yourself, no matter the age and preferences. At your disposal we have over 30 swimming pools and water barrels of different features, a treatment area with raw sulfurous and saline iodized water, hydro massage, raging river, climbing net, water geysers. The water in our pools has the temperature of 32-36°C, so in out external pools you can relax even on freezing days.Chochołowskie Termy are not only the swimming pools! Inside the facility we have the biggest saunarium in Podhale with an impressive glass observation sauna where you can admire the beautiful Tatra mountains. The full relaxation is ensured by the SPA zone with a wide offer of specialistic baths, massages and cosmetic treatments. We also invite you to our Sports Centre with fitness classes and wonderful gym where you can practice under the supervision of a personal trainer.

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